In Progress Now: 146th St. & SR37 Interchange

Ongoing Construction 

  • Major construction activities at the 146th St. & State Road 37 Interchange begin on Thursday, September 10th.
  • The project will move into its Phase 2 (of 6), with traffic moving to the interior lanes, with all left-turn lanes restricted on SR 37 & on 146th street as work begins on constructing the ramps.
  • Through traffic and right turns on 146th St. and State Road 37 will remain open during all phases of construction.
  •  Drivers can use 141st St. & Allisonville on the westside and 141st St. & Cumberland on the eastside.
New Update: Traffic is estimated to transition to the north half of the road at the end of September.

131st St. (Westside) Closes On/After April 26th

  • The 131st St. & SR37 Interchange progresses into Phase 3.
  • With this phase, the westside of 131st St. will be closed for approximately 3 months.
  • Drivers are encouraged to utilize the Phase 3 Detour Route.
  • State Road 37 remains open during all phases of construction.

New Update: The traffic switch to the Eastside closure is anticipated to begin in late September.

 March 3rd+Ongoing: 

  • The northbound SR 37 Right turn lane onto 135th St. will be closed from 131st St. to approximately halfway to 135th St. for Phase 1 construction.
  • This portion of the dedicated turn lane will not reopen to regular capacity until the interchange is complete.
  • Right turns are permitted, the turn lane restriction will provide more room for construction crews.


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